Eras Musenlille: March 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 Reasons For Not Dating With Smokers

There are several reasons you should not go out with a smoker want to know?

When we decide to love or dating relationship with someone we normally would assess first what kind of people we will pacarai day and what a day habit. Well for those of you who do not smoke would be more usual to avoid going out with people who smoke want to know the reason why? Check out 5 Reasons For Not Dating With these smokers.

1. Disturbing moments dating

Girlfriend who likes smoking usually not cool asked out for a date many places that do not currently allow smoking inside ruanganya but provide room for a smoke now if you fit in this room date are prohibited from smoking certainly your partner was going to ask permission to smoke out the moment because it is not could no longer resist the desire to smoke it would certainly disrupt the date you as a couple.

2. secondhand smoke

Dating a smoker is the same make you a passive stimulation prokok indirectly you will inhale the smoke of cigarettes smoked boyfriend.

3. Kiss the smell

The regular smokers had a problem with bad breath that smells of smoke, well if you kiss a smoker then you will smell the cigarette smoke.

4. The smell of smoke

No matter how much perfume that was sprayed into his body, the smell of tobacco smokers are always attached to the body wherever they go. So, do you like the smell every time around?

5. Holes in clothing

Smokers usually like to make a hole in pakaiyan this often occurs because smokers had forgotten to put the correct spot it can make your clothes and boyfriends menajadi hole you definitely upset ya if you're so nice clothes gara gara cigarette holes.

Now that's some of the reasons you should not go out with smokers